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Our founders Jim Godoy and Leon Klepin met at a makers group in Arizona and discovered their shared passion for turning. Jim had been in the industry for a few years already and Leon happily jumped in. Their garages were immediately turned into workshops and the product offering started to grow.


From turning pens, to stabilizing wood, to hybrid resin casting, to segmenting like no other, these two have made Cocoon Blanks a reliable source for great products and services for the turners out there.

Our Team works hard day to day to ensure the quality of our products lives up to our reputation.


Our Turn Right Guarantee sets us apart, and our constant search for innovation and color combinations are what push us every day to provide the best service.

We guarantee every blank we make. If you are not satisfied with one of our blanks at the time you receive it or if it does not perform to your satisfaction just return it to us and we'll repair it, replace it or refund it! 


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