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Improve efficiency and save time with Resin Mixing Paddle. Comes with 1 paddle and 1 stick.


Our easy-to-use mixing paddle is 3D printed and reusable.  While it won’t last forever, if you take care of it, they will last through a lot of mixing sessions.


The paddle attaches easily to the mixing stick (included) with a little CA glue, epoxy, or hot glue.

Attach the assembled paddle to your favorite cordless drill.  Important: Be sure not to over tighten the drill chuck or it will splinter the mixing stick.


After each resin mixing session, spin the used paddle at a high speed into a waste cup/bucket to remove as much resin as possible and prolong the life of your mixer.  After you’ve removed as much of the leftover resin as possible from your paddle, allow it to fully dry before using again.  The cured resin will not affect your next mixing session. 


**Tips – if mixing multiple colors of resin in the same session, start with the lightest color first.  After mixing each color, spin your mixer into your waste cup/bucket to get as much of the resin off as possible, then move to the next darkest color.  If you’re spinning/cleaning off as much resin as possible between color mixing, you shouldn’t have any noticeable color bleed while mixing the next color.

Resin Mixing Paddle

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